I swear I feel like I am in the twilight zone sometimes. Conservatives are so damn patriotic when there is a liberal in the White House but as soon as a Republican gets in the office, all that patriotism goes out of the window. Recently, Trump pretty much dismissed the fact that a Washington Post Journalist was murdered in a Saudi Embassy. He pretty much said who cares?
His excuse, Saudi is keeping the oil price down for Americans.
Okay, if this the game you are playing, then fine, no problem, play the oil game!
I'm just trying to find the outrage coming from the right-wingers.
Where is the patriotism?
If Obama had said he's not worried about a Washington Post Journalist that was murdered by the Saudi Government, I swear Republicans would be calling him a traitor and a Muslim sympathizer.
I can see them trying to make a connection to Obama and Saudi. Hell, they may have even said he was born in Saudi. They are stupid enough to believe that.
Funny, Trump has been helped out twice by an ultra-wealthy Saudi Prince when his businesses were struggling. This information comes via The New Yorker in a 2016 article after Trump got into a heated battle with Fox News affiliate Megyn Kelly.
Trump would tweet out a fake photo of Kelly and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed.
Prince Al-Waleed would fire back at Trump with his own message.
“Trump: You base your statements on photo-shopped pics? I bailed you out twice; a 3rd time, maybe?” Prince Al-Waleed

You would think people would naturally call this Orange faced clown out for potentially being under extortion. Nope, not a word and never mentioned by the right-winged, flag hugging, patriots that wanted to see Obama's birth certificate and accused him of being a secret agent of the Muslim terrorist regime.


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