The Crazy conspiracy theorists are at it again. Qanon, the crazy conspiracy community, created quite a bit of noise on the internet the past week when they started a rumor that President Trump would arrest Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and 60,000 other government officials.
Well, December the 5th has come and gone. Nothing has happened, no arrests, no subpoenas.
You would think these idiots would learn a lesson from this and stop listening to internet conspiracy theorists that make up fake stories without any evidence. Q followers are unique, no matter how many times they are debunked, they just ignore the debunking and come up with new theories.
These people believe that Obama is a Muslim terrorist, Michelle Obama is a man, Bill and Hillary are pedophiles that have children locked up in a pizza parlor in Washington DC. If that's not crazy enough, Q followers also believe that JFK JR, is the person that is running the QANON account and that he is working with Donald Trump to expose the fake news media and lock up these liberals that are working with the Elite.
Despite the fact that JFK JR died in a plane crash in the '90s, QANON followers believe he is alive and working to overthrow the corrupt government. When asked how do they know this is true, they simply tell you to learn numerology.
If this sounds too crazy to be true, just take look at the video below by Comedy Central. Jim Jefferies interviewed some Q followers and they confirm everything that I just wrote.


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