Another stupid Qanon theory has been released. According to the conspiracy site, '" Qanon believes that George Soros, the man who is blamed for many conspiracy coups, including Black Lives Matters, has died.
Even think this is not factual due to the fact there is no news coverage and no evidence of his death.

Qanon has been known to put out false information and make false prophecies riddled with crazy conspiracy theories.
Last December, Qanon claimed President Trump was going to lock up Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama on the 5th of December. When it did not happen, many Qanon followers claimed it was due to the death of George H.W Bush and that his funeral was used as a way to distract us all. Some Qanon followers went as far as to say that Trump passed out subpoenas at the funeral.

With a source like Qanon, it is highly unlikely that George Soros is dead. If you choose to believe he is then, by all means, believe it.


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