The man tased in Lancaster PA, was just an example of police brutality in America. If the video is not disturbing than you should read some of the comments left in the comment sections of the Youtube videos showing the incident. It is an eye-opening experience and shows that there are some that will make an excuse for police corruption, no matter what. The main point that has to be made is that there is no need to tase someone sitting on the curb. In the video one officer is telling him to extend his legs while the female officer in the background is screaming for him to cross his legs. In the video you can see him actually trying to do both, however, he was tased anyway.

"When the officer told me to sit on the curb, I was being compliant to everything they said," Williams said. "There were numerous officers asking me different directions, giving me different directives. One was telling me to sit. One was telling me to spread my legs. One was telling me to cross my legs. I was just trying to be compliant with everything the officers were saying."
Williams said he wasn't sure what to do.


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