Baltimore- Two Baltimore detectives have been sentenced to seven years in prison. Detectives Hendrix and Ward were apart of the GUN TRACE TASK FORCE, where they joined other officers who were committing robberies for a number of years. 
Hendrix and Ward apologized for the actions on Friday.

"I know my actions," said Ward, pausing to wipe away tears, "made the trust issues with the citizens even further than they were before."

"We would target large groups of males," Hendrix testified earlier this year, speaking about the task force's street tactics. "The understanding was the more people, you know, the more likely you are to run into someone who actually has something illegal on their person."

It looks as if they have been giving a shorter sentencing than what the guidelines called for. Instead of receiving  11 to 14 years, the two were given 7 years in prison which is much different than what Thomas Allers and Sgt. Jenkins received which was 15 years.

The reason for the difference in the sentencing is due to the fact that Allers and Jenkins were supervisors, so the government sought and obtained much more prison time for them. Another key factor in the different sentencing is that the Ward and Hendrix were not involved in any robberies before joining the Task Force with Sgt. Jenkins and being seen as two officers that were in a complicated situation in which they had succumbed to peer pressure


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